Can a tractor be used to clear land?

If you have an agricultural tractor, you can use it to clear the land if the terrain is not heavily wooded and will not require digging tons of earth. Keep in mind that agricultural tractors come in various sizes, and larger ones are better suited for dismantling tasks. You can use your farm tractor to uproot stumps, remove rocks and remove trees and level the soil. However, if you are looking to excavate large tracts of land, which require the removal of thousands of tons of land, you may want to consider another option.

Tractors are a versatile piece of machinery that can be used to perform a number of different tasks. One of the most common uses of tractors is land clearance, which involves removing vegetation from an area with the blades of a tractor or other equipment. The process is usually carried out by a professional landscaper or contractor, but so can homeowners who want to clean their own land. First things first, “you need a tractor with a good heavy-built rotary mower, a mountain hog,” explains Will Nelson, owner of Nelson Tractor Company.

If you have a small or medium job that involves clearing terrains, the Kubota L3901 is the best tractor for you. Then you can invest in a tractor that's perfect for all other tasks on the property, from clearing weeds to creating trails in your new backyard. The brand behind the LS XG3135 manufactures many other tractors and farm equipment, so you know you're buying from a reputable company with expertise in agriculture and land use.

Clearing soil

with a tractor, or “Tractor Loging”, also reduces the negative environmental impact of larger skidders that can cause soil damage or adverse soil compaction.

Fortunately, compact tractors can be equipped with utility equipment to help clear overgrown areas and large trees. Because of these characteristics, skid steer loaders are incredibly versatile machines, and you won't find a better tractor to clean land than a skid steer loader. When clearing weeds from the ground, you should use front, rear and side guards on the tractor to protect it from damage such as debris and dents. In addition to cleaning terrain, compact tractors can be used for other tasks, such as digging holes and trenches.

Nelson Tractor Company is active in the local community, from participating in FFA events to supporting young farmers and training local team sports, to name a few. Cleaning one's own land not only saves money, but felling and cutting your own timber can also provide tractor owners with an excellent source for building timber and firewood, but can also produce additional income. To handle a wide range of trees and log sizes, a logging tractor can be small or large, which depends on the size of your cleaning job. TractorByNet members have cleaned thousands of fields and terrain and with it comes a lot of experience on what to do (and what not to do).