What are land clearing debris?

No matter what new project is on the horizon in your neighborhood or town, the land will require preparation.

Land clearing

is generally considered a mass removal of each and every tree, scrub and topsoil for a shopping mall, large development, or parking lot. More often, American Property Experts are turned to for much more conservative projects. Our dismantling experts provide an excellent removal service for dangerous trees.

We uproot stumps, roots and old trees that should no longer pose a risk to your property. Let us know as soon as a tree begins to pose a danger to your family or the environment around it. The starter removes logs, weeds and debris. Then the stumps are ground or removed with a root rake or similar machine.

This requires heavy machinery, such as an excavator, dump trucks, compactors and scrapers. Once these dismantling basics have been completed, the site will be ready for drain installation and leveling. If there are low branches hanging from tall trees that are at risk of being caught or cut, mark them clearly as well. I understand that LEED does not count land clearance debris in its construction waste recycling figures, however, it also says in the manual that any construction waste processed into a product with recycled content that has an open market value can be applied to the construction waste calculation.

When you're looking to hire land cleaning and transportation contractors, there are plenty of companies you can hire. If you have never scheduled a land clearing project, you may be wondering how to find the right contractor. The first thing to consider when preparing a property for land clearance is which land clearing company you should choose. All these land cleaning services help create a space that allows you to transfer an old, unusable space to one that can be built or planted.

The conservative and conscious cleaning of the earth and what is done with vegetative debris and soil afterwards is one of the main concerns. If there are trees or areas of vegetation that you do not want removed during the land cleaning process, be sure to communicate this verbally and visually with your clearing company. Always do your research to find an experienced, top-notch ground cleaning company, such as Marks Clearing in Augusta. Land clearance differs from other landscaping services, as land clearing usually involves more machinery for the thicker, brushy, and complicated terrain.

Finally, always make sure that the company you are considering using is licensed and has sufficient insurance to cover any potential damage caused to your home or land, as well as to your neighbors.