Can you make money clearing land?

If you're thinking about starting a business, there are a lot of factors to consider. This is doubly true when planning to enter the land clearing and development industry. While land clearing can be a lucrative business in the long run, it takes time, money and dedication to get started. Sell full length logs to a logging service.

If you're preparing to start a land clearing project on your property, you're probably already looking at ways to save money. If total cleaning is necessary, you can find temporary cost relief by extending the process and clearing your area, then waiting for stumps to be removed along the way. In addition to the overall costs involved in clearing land, when preparing a construction site, a number of additional factors may also influence the equation. And if you need your land to be cleared due to a storm or during the period after it, your quote is likely to be higher.

Depending on where your raw land is located, what resources you have available, and how much you want to invest, you can make money quickly with your raw land. According to Carl Griffin, owner of The Griffin Ranch near Ocala, Florida, big loggers aren't interested in cutting small tracts, because it's “Too much money and too much equipment,” he explains. If you have to clean up a large, heavily forested area, one way you could save yourself some money is to find a professional logging company or firewood seller who will pay you for the wood they remove. Making sure you have the space and capacity to accomplish everything you want to achieve on your property may mean you have to cut down some trees or other vegetation to make more room.

When you sell firewood to a private owner or restaurant, you will earn more money than when you sell the large uncut logs to a logging company. The value of wood depends on a variety of factors, so be sure to do your research before selecting this option to make money from raw earth. If you own land with lots of forests and want to clean it so you can build a house, then you have a great chance of earning some money. If you are going to cut down land near a forest, keep in mind that the trees you remove are worth something to someone.

If you have the right equipment, you may want to do smaller clearing jobs (such as weeds or small trees) yourself, but larger jobs are best left to the professionals. Once you have an idea of the cost of clearing the land, minus the estimated benefit of wood, you will have an idea of whether a wooded lot is a better investment than a previously cleaned lot. If you have a larger plot of raw land, you can also make money by renting your land to hunting enthusiasts.